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Welcome to the Sedgeberrow Village Community website

The intention of this website is not only to inform but to also allow local villagers to contribute to the content of the website. We will arrange it so that you can have your own material featured, as long as its its related to the village. We will regularly update the website from material submitted to the Sedgeberrow Post, but rely on villagers to present any further material that they wish to see on the website. The website is hosted and monitored by members of SeSaME. (Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy), who also have their own website at

You can access the village newsletter, The Sedgeberrow Post, here. 


Latest News! 

Funds for improving insulation of the Village Hall’s Betteridge room.
SeSaME is delighted, on behalf of the Village, to have received confirmation of the availability of £1,440, through the Green Deal Communities project being administered by the Community Energy and Resilience sector at County Hall. At our request the money has been designated “to be used for energy efficiency improvements to a community building in the village of Sedgeberrow.” This is all thanks to the 8 villagers who signed up to having external wall insulation on their old property, making significant savings for themselves from the grant that they will receive, but bringing £180 into our village for each house signed up, hence the £1,440.
Many thanks to all the officers at County and District Councils who, together with Act on Energy as you will know, have contributed so much to help our villagers achieve this.
The Village Hall Committee is now working to use this money in upgrading the sustainability of the Betteridge room. The plan is to insulate the building, helped by this sum of £1,440 from the Green Deal Community fund, and also to seek a grant of £10,000, from “Welcome to Our Future”, which manages the Severn Waste Environmental Fund, the Landfill Tax Grants Scheme, to install an Air to Water Heat Pump system for the Betteridge Room. Application was successful. Watch this space.


 The School now has solar panels on the shared use, main hall


New developments!

1) The Flood Group Section has now been updated. Please note the original website ( has now been incorporated into & is now redundant.

2) Most of the Advertisers for the 2015/2016 Post have been updated onto the Local Traders page and links provided for any of them with their own webpage


If you require any information please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or phone Mike Parker on: 01386 881863


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