Recent Developments Autumn 2017 to Spring 2018

We need new members if we are to continue after 2018





The Battle of the Brambles is almost over, but the need again arises for Spring preparation and allocation of plots. If you fancy having your own plot, contact Richard Hunt on the number below.


 As young children often come to the allotments with their parents for a weeding or watering session we jumped at the opportunity to recycle a play hut, rescued from the school grounds, as a shelter for them when adult gardening tasks arise.

There was much discussion between parents and children about   which colour will go where and here the children are putting ideas into action.




in 2015 we could only clear two plots but can now start measuring up and adding areas that can be dug over to create raised beds. The soil is good, though it’s hard work clearing the bramble roots when they appear and weeding out the grass which until now has had the freedom of the range. We are leaving the edges of the allotment overgrown for wildlife and spaces for fruit trees. We had two new members, with their partners come forward and they have created new plots in 2016. Their moving to another village has now left their space for others.





 Come and join us. Allotment time beckons. The picture shows three plots dug over and ready for planting and blank plots itching to have the grass removed and  be taken over by new members. There are spaces available for any residents of  Sedgeberrow, just itching to start growing their own vegetables, nourishing rhubarb, or experimenting with the challenge of experiencing new plants that they have not grown before because their garden is too small.
 Contact Richard Hunt on 01386 882079 if you fancy joining us.   Pictures by Richard Hunt




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