Oakwood Farm, Sandfield Lane, AG Driver and Son


As many villagers will know, Oakwood Farm has been run by our family for many generations. Due to popular demand we are once again selling our freshly picked produce direct from the farm on Wednesdays and Sundays. We can also source other produce which we do not grow ourselves from the local market at a very competetive price. Come and check us out.



Sedgeberrow Honey


Produced by Steve and Alice Driver.


 Support your local Bees!





 4WD Mitsubishi PHEV (Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

Steve and Alice Driver are also the proud owners of a 4WD Mitsubishi PHEV (Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle). They changed from a diesel car to a hybrid because of the benefits it has; zero tax, low running costs, 4WD capability and a lot of room. There are also tax benefits for companies and company car drivers. The interior looks very sophisticated and complicated but Steve assured me it was really easy to master and happily gave me a demonstration of the controls. The first few times he drove, it felt strange as all you can hear are tyres on the road & no engine sound. It is capable of more than 30 miles and over 60 mph on EV power making for an incredible 148 MPG. They had a charging unit fitted at the house & the batteries will recharge fully in three hours and this can be done remotely via a smart phone, or a timer can be used to maximise the cheaper electricity tariff. They have found that using it for short journeys they are not using any fuel at all & rarely have to refuel at a garage. Take a look at this short video to see the PHEV in action http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/outlander/explore-phev.aspx’. For more details or to arrange a test drive contact William direct on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who is based at CCR Mitsubishi in Cheltenham. Mel Wilson











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