August/September 2018 Reports 

Well, Autumn is approaching fast and the evenings are drawing in. Time to get out your winter woollies and think about our Autumn meetings.
In September Helen reached an important Birthday (a big O ), and about 20 members went to Hillers for a celebration lunch. This was greatly enjoyed by everyone. In September, we were looking forward to Janey Tucker’s talk on Wood Turning, unfortunately, there was a mix up and Janey was unable to come, but we were lucky to get Chris O’ Grady to tell us about his walk from Pershore to Rome ( 2000 k ). I hope that Janey will be able to come in the New Year. The Book Club was held at Liz’s house when six members were in attendance. Gill will be giving it her best shot when she goes to the archery afternoon. Happy shooting Gill !
In October, several of our members will be going to the Harvest Supper and we are looking forward to that.
In October, our speaker will be Aliza Jones and she will tell us about Making Handbags in the Phillipines ( from start to finish ). The competition will be a decorated bag or evening bag. Our next Book Club on November 2 will be at Di’s house at 10-30.a.m. Our A.G.M will be held on November 20 when competition results will be announced.
The November Competition will be for a small handmade Christmas decoration. Your own work please. See you all soon                                                                                        Ella Hardman 01386 881088

June//July 2018 Reports 

Welcome to summer. Which summer I hear you ask. Still I expect all the gardens enjoyed the rain. I can’t believe that we are already in May and I am preparing the programme for 2019.We have had some good speakers this year so far and we specially enjoyed the talk we had about Riding for the Disabled. We are hoping to visit their stables in the not too distant future. In May, Mr. Haines will have told us about his work as a First Responder. The competition at this meeting will be -A Derby Day Hat. We had our coffee morning at Ella’s ( 19 members present).
Several of our members went to Dumbleton where we had a fun evening playing skittles. I ‘excelled’ myself again by winning the Wooden Spoon !! Details of walks will be in the News Letter, please look in there. Some members went to Gold Cup Day at Cheltenham and others to a later meeting when it was very hot. We are now looking forward to the Racing Club Lunch in June. Our next coffee morning will have been held at Hampton Farm Shop on Monday May 21st. The Book Club will meet at Chris’s. On June 13th there will be the Hampton Ferry Walk. June 19th the Garden Party will be held at Ella’s at 6-30 p.m. If wet it will be in the Betteridge Room. In July, our talk will be on ‘ Remembering the 60s.” we hope to make this an open meeting. The competition will be ‘A Holiday Postcard. We were happy to welcome some new members and we hope that you will enjoy being with us. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you at future meetings.
Ella Hardman 01386 881088

April/May 2018 Reports 

It is said that as one gets older time flies and it seems to be breaking records at the moment ,and what about the snow!!
The February meeting about the Abbeyfield Society went well I hear although sadly I missed it. The competition for that evening was won by Maureen Barber. Well done Maureen
We are looking forward to our next meeting when we shall hear how the Chelsea Gardens are made. The competition will be—A spring flower arrangement in a tea cup. I hope that the flowers have survived the frost and snow.
In April the ‘ The Riding for the Disabled’ group will tell us about their work and activities at their base in Cheltenham. Although Easter will have passed, our competition will be a - decorated egg- (your own work please).
In May our speaker will be Mr. A.Haines who will tell us what it means to be a First Responder. This should be interesting. The competition will be “A Derby Day Hat.
The coffee morning in April will be at Ella’s.
We are hoping to visit a local garden centre for our coffee morning in May.
Hopefully, the Scrabblers will be taking up their letters again. Oh dear it is snowing again, maybe we should have a “Build a Snowman” competition!! Book Club as usual this month. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ella Hardman. 01386 881088. 

February/March 2018 Reports

A Happy New Year to everyone - a rather belated one as by the time you read this report, January will be over and Easter eggs will already be appearing on supermarket shelves.
First of all though a quick reminder of what we did in December.

The Christmas in Cheltenham was a great success as was our Christmas dinner at Dumbleton. Unfortunately our December meeting had to be cancelled due to an unexpected fall of snow and the school was closed.
Jacky's coffee morning went ahead as usual.
Now we are starting a new year. Our January meetings will have included a talk by Nicholas Clark on " Spring in Texas " and a talk by Michael Portillo at Cheltenham Town Hall, a Scrabble afternoon and a Book Club meeting.
In February we are looking forward to a talk on the History of the Abbeyfield Society and in March, a talk on Making a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show.
The G.F.W.I. Annual Council Meeting will be held in March at the Town Hall in Cheltenham when Adam Henson will be the guest speaker.
(Something to look forward to ! )
As usual we shall be having coffee mornings, scrabble afternoons and book club mornings.
Do come along and join us. Again we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.                  Ella Hardman. 01386 881088.



December 2107/January 2018 Reports    

Well, Halloween and Bonfire night are over so it is now all systems go to Christmas, but first one or two reminders of what we did in October and November.
October 17th - Ros was our speaker, her subject “Public Speaking.” She then invited members of the group to speak for 2 minutes on a subject of their choice .
On October 18th we entered a quiz team in the group competition and we came third !!! On the 26th October members of the W.I. Racing Club visited the Racing Stables at Naunton.
October 30th Coffee Morning at Ella's
Now for November. Jacky organised a shopping trip to Solihull which we enjoyed.
November 21st will be our A.G.M.
On Monday 27th some of our members will visit Tintersfield House, and on the 29th we hope to have our scrabble afternoon.
Now comes December. -- 6th December Christmas Concert at Cheltenham Town Hall. 11th December - December Meeting--Christmas Music - Carols, Songs etc. so come and join in.
18th December. Coffee Morning at Jacky's ( always an enjoyable occasion).
December ends with Christmas Dinner at Dumbleton Hall on the 19th. January 2018
16th January. The first item on the New Year’s programme will be a talk by Nicholas Clark on ' Spring in Texas.
18th January. A group of our members will be going to Cheltenham Town Hall to hear a talk by Michael Portillo.
Book Club, Coffee Mornings, Scrabble, lunches etc. are regular
events and we look forward to meeting you there.
Until then have a super Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.


October/November 2017 Reports                                                

August was a fairly quiet month although we did enjoy our visits to Ros and Maureen's house for afternoon tea in aid of 'Marie Curie. '
A lovely afternoon was held at Cheltenham Croquet Club.
In September members will have been to the ' Book Farm ' a visit arranged by Chris.
We shall also have been to the Autumn Group Meeting.
By now we should also have heard whether our application for the Shooting afternoon has been successful.
Mike Parker will have been our speaker in September. More about these events in the next ' Post .'
Now October has nearly arrived., Autumn is here, and we are busy arranging our activities.
Our speaker in October will be Ros (one of our members ). We are looking forward to that.
In November our main event will be our A.G.M. so come with lots of ideas and perhaps putting your name forward for the committee or other jobs.
I hope that we shall be having our annual shopping trip this September.

Our Book Club, Coffee Mornings and Scrabble Afternoons will begin again. Do come along and join us. We would be very pleased to see you.

August/September 2017 Reports

Hello everyone, here we go again. Time to tell you what has happened and what is going to happen over the next two months. We had our garden party at Ella's. It was a lovely evening and the weather had cooled considerably. Twenty five members were there and I would like to thank everyone who provided all the food and the raffle prizes. On June 23rd four of our members went to the Racing Club Lunch at Cheltenham race course. The speaker was from " Riding for the Disabled ", it was very interesting and we are hoping that she will come and give a talk to our W.I. in the not too distant future. On June 30th the Book Club met at Liz's. On July 4th. Diane had arranged a lunch at ' The Pheasant Hotel ' in Toddington -Thank you Diane. On July 12th some of our members met at Maureen's to play scrabble, it was good fun even though I lost as usual !
July 18th our speaker will be Heather Ellery, her talk will be about her work in the community with ex offenders from prison. July 24h the Coffee morning will be at Pam's. Jenny is trying to arrange some trips/visits during August as this is a fairly quiet month for the W.I.
August 9th there will be an afternoon tea in Ros's garden, which will be in aid of the Marie Curie Foundation. August 17th a group of our members will be going to Cheltenham for an afternoon of Croquet at the Cheltenham Croquet Club.
In September Chris is arranging a visit to The Book Farm. Also this month some members have applied to go clay pigeon shooting or rifle shooting. We are waiting to hear whether our application has been successful.
Our Speaker on Tuesday 19th September will be Mike Parker, he will tell us about 'Energy' schemes, and answer questions about his Electric Car.
Coffee Mornings, Book Club Meetings and Scrabble will continue as usual. As always you are welcome to come along and join us.

June/July 2017 Reports

It only seems like yesterday that I was writing the last report, yet here we are again. In March our speaker was Tim Porter who gave an interesting and informative talk on The Churches Along the Cotswold Escarpment. In April we had a demonstration/talk on the Art of Stained Glass and Glass Fusion. Classes in this are held in Offenham. Maybe some of our members would like to " have a go?"
The scrabble afternoon was great fun, thank you Maureen for holding it at your house. The Book Club was held at Di's in April.
Members of the W.I. Racing Club had a great day on Ladies Day at Cheltenham. Others went to the 'Open Day' and others will be attending the Racing Club Lunch in June.
The Spring Group Meeting was held at Cheltenham Town Hall and the members who went spoke very highly of the afternoon speakers.
Our speaker for May is Celia Hargrave who will tell us about her garden in Trench Hill. Her garden will be open to the public in June so maybe we can arrange a visit.
The Coffee Morning in May was held at 22 Cheltenham Road and was well attended.

Diane has arranged our Lunch Meeting for July 4th at The Pheasant in Toddington. (We are looking forward to that ).
In June the garden party will be held at Ella's. The next Book Club meeting will be on Friday, 20th June at Liz's. The next coffee morning will be at Pam's on Monday, July 24th.
On Wednesday, August 9th Ros and Maureen will be hosting a tea and scone/cake afternoon at their house. Proceeds to go to Marie Curie.

As always you are welcome to come along and join us. We hope to see you at one of our meetings. Ella Hardman. 01386 881088.


April/May 2017 Reports

By the time that you receive this latest Post magazine you will be (most likely) preparing for Easter. I just can't believe how quickly the time is going. Before I start on what has been happening or going to happen, I would like to say a big ' Thank you' to Helen for writing the last report, it was great. I was sorry to miss several of the events. Now I think we are back on track.

In February we had a visit from Steve Haywood and his family of Scarecrows, they were amazing and the talk was both amusing and interesting. We had our coffee morning at Chris's, always an enjoyable event.This month, March, for the first time we held a squabble afternoon (sorry a scrabble afternoon) at Maureen's which was a lot of fun. We hope to continue this each month. We entered the Group Skittles competition . Our Opponents were Gretton W.I. Sadly we were narrowly beaten (by 6 points) but one of our players, Judith Horton, got the highest score of the evening !!! The Book Club was held as usual. Our speaker in March was Tim Porter, a well known lecturer on historic buildings.The subject was “Churches at the foot of the hill - Mickleton to Didbrook.” This will be an open meeting in Sedgeberrow Village Hall, admission £3-50 W.I. Racing Club. On Friday, March17th some of our members will be having a day at Cheltenham Festival Others will be attending an Open Day at the Cheltenham Race Course in April. Our next speaker will be Wendy Stafford her subject being Fused and Stained Glass.                                        

Our speaker in May will be Celia Hargrave from Trench Hill. Her subject will be My Garden in Trench Hill (something to look forward to).I think her garden may be open for two or three days in June. Coffee club and Book Club will go on as usual. Hopefully Diane will be able to arrange a lunch meeting again.Watch for other events which may take place. I would like to welcome our new members to Sedgeberrow and hope that they will enjoy being part of our group. See you at our next meeting. Ella Hardman. 01386 881088.

February/ March 2017 Reports


Happy New Year to you all. As Ella has been quite poorly, I have volunteered ( been volunteered ! ) to write our WI report. Get better soon Ella.
We all enjoyed our Christmas Celebrations and events. The Church looked lovely and very festive with our trees. Coffee Morning at Jackie's with the house all beautifully decorated for Christmas was enjoyed by many of us.
Our Christmas Dinner at Dumbleton Hall was a great success. Good food and good company, thank you Jackie for organising it. Sadly our Carol Singing had to be cancelled due to heavy rain and several poorly Members. We will do our best not to disappoint you next Christmas.
Now it is January and a New Year and we look forward to an exciting programme for the year ahead.
Our first Speaker on 17th January was Mrs Joan Bomford, an extraordinary lady who a few years ago won the Countryfile Farmer of the Year Award. As always all were welcome to join us.
Book Club and Coffee Mornings will continue, and we look forward various events as the weeks go by, such as theatre and cinema visits, lunch club and days out to places of interest.
We are a friendly group always ready to welcome you as a member, or just for the evening, so why not come and try us ? We meet the 3rd Tuesday of the Month in the Betteridge Room at 7.30 pm. We look forward to welcoming you. Helen King


December 2016/January 2017 Reports 


Oops! Report time again. Just had a wake up call from Mike so here goes.


In November, we had our coffee morning at Helen's which was great as usual. On the 15th we had our A.G.M. followed by Cheese and Wine. A group of our members went to the Arts Centre to see ' Chess' on the 17th November. Thanks to Jacky for arranging it.
For Remembrance Day, some of our members knitted poppies which were stitched together by Pam and Chris and placed inside the lychgate of the church. At the end of the month there was a trip to Tindersfield House to see the Christmas Decorations. Thank you Jenny for arranging it.


On December 3rd we shall be decorating our trees for the Christmas display in church.
The December committee meeting will be on 6th Dec.
On December 12th our Christmas coffee morning will be at Jacky's house.
December 20th will see us enjoying our Christmas Dinner at Dumbleton Hall ( Don't forget raffle prizes ).
Once again we are having our carol singing around the village in aid of Marie Curie followed by mince pies etc at Ella's.
At our last meeting of the year there will be a Magic Lantern Christmas Show.
Now for January--Our first speaker in the New Year will be Mrs. Joan Bomford telling us about her life on the land. It promises to be very interesting so do come along. Book club and coffee mornings will be held as usual, other events will be decided during the month. New members and visitors are always welcome, so why not come along and give it a
try !!

October/November 2016 Reports 

Summer is almost over and what a lovely summer it has been. Now we are thinking about Autumn and our next round of speakers and events.

October events
Our speaker for this month will be Terry Green from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. His talk will be about Helping Hedgehogs.
On October 11th we will be paying a visit to the Cheltenham Literary Festival. Our next Book Club meeting will be at Liz's on Friday, October 21st.

On October 4th, members of the W.I.Racing Club will be visiting the Racing Stables of Ben Pauling at Bourton on the Water.
The coffee morning for this month has not yet been arranged.
Other Items for October/November:
Visits to the Arts Theatre, Christmas Shopping Trip. Book Club meetings and coffee mornings as usual.
Arrangements are in hand for a visit to the Regal Cinema. If you are interested please get in touch. We are always delighted to welcome new members and visitors. So do come along


 Ella Hardman 01386 881088

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